Committee of Work I.

Josef Ludvík Fischer

The First Volume of the Committee, based on the work of J. L. Fischer, contains texts from the first period of the author’s work, i.e. texts from the first period of the author’s work. texts published between two world wars. The present committee is not a critical publication of J. L. Fischer’s writings, but rather a first attempt to make Fischer’s work available to interested parties and readers in its summarizing form. The motivation for the publication was to provide the reader with an authentic encounter with often less accessible texts and their style. In relation to the language, the specific language expression of J. L. Fischer can be emphasized, which can today be evaluated as archaic, book or unusual. We leave it to the reader to accept it. The first volume of the Committee from the work of J. L. Fischer contains both works previously published in a book and works published in proceedings or journals (example Czech Mind, Index, Sociological Review).
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