Explored Olomouc

Vladimir Gračka

Stone fragments can hide and quietly protect the ancient secrets of craftsmen – their working practices in unique handwriting when translating stone blocks, as well as the secrets of builders – their conception of the building as part of the whole. Vladimír Gračka can rarely perceive all this and from seemingly disparate fragmentsbuilding materials and their own ideas to generate an ancient and troubled history of the Olomouc locality. The past touches the fingertips and sees the treasures of our history in the hollows of the walls.

The second completely reworked edition of a successful book by a well-known author, olomouc native and patriot, this time with rich image material by illustrator Pavel Zlínský and photographer Karel Zámečníček. The book will bring readers closer to the ancient and recent history of this city. In this book, in his own way with humor and exaggeration, the author captured forty years of his work on researches, probes and reconstructions of a number of historical objects in Olomouc.

250 CZK

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