UPoint opened!

The information centre and shop in The Black Dog House was flooded with a crowd of students right from the start. One day earlier, UPoint was inaugurated by Rector Jaroslav Miller, who untied the blue ribbon.

UPoint was opened to public to the sound of the song Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez.

The first person to enter UPoint on the first day of the opening was a student of molecular and cellular biology, Kateřina Kubáňová from the Faculty of Science.

“I really like it, the Interior is nicely done and the goods are affordable,” said Kubáňová.

Next year she’ll be studying in the USA thanks to the Merill program and she’s planning to travel in UP clothing.

“I’ve been at several foreign universities, and their shop was always a part of the university in some way.

Students in America, where I was on holiday, only wear university clothes.

It is a part of their image, ” Kubáňová said.

First purchase

One of the first to peer through the still-closed door was a student of biophysics Jindřich Švihel.

It took him only 10 minutes to make the first purchase.

He had already chosen a T-shirt bearing the University logo on facebook.

“I was just really looking forward to it”, he confirmed.

Apart from the T-shirts and fashion collection, which Švihel considers tastefully compiled, his attention was also drawn by the leather wallets.

“My casual clothing today is a reflection of the atmosphere that UPoint should present: friendly and highly informal, because UPoint should play the role of a relaxation centre for students and academics.

They can borrow or buy a book and have a cup of coffee there,” said the Rector at yesterday’s opening.The smell of Kodó coffee from a special coffee machine accompanied yesterday’s and today’s opening throughout.

“It’s excellent,” said Lucie Trejtnarová, a student of Russian philology and applied economics.

UPoint visitors will be allowed to take coffee with them not only outside, but also to the reading room.

Snapshot of the University

UPoint was designed by the Ječmen architectural studio.

“It was a beautiful job, it is a kind of snapshot of the University,” said Lukáš Blažek, who runs the studio together with his wife.

The terraced space is connected by a homogeneous floor.

“It’s a combination of a shop and a reading room with a place to sit.A large, bright area and a small,darker space are always alternating,” described Blažek, for whom it was an extraordinary commission.

Rector Miller thanked Vice-Rector Peter Bilík and Radek Palaščák, the head of the Department of Communication, for the implementation of the project.

“I had an idea and they brought it to life,” he commented with a smile.

Vice-Rector Bilík mentioned that there are a lot of people who deserve credit for establishing UPoint.

“There is often a long and winding road from vision to implementation.

They often say it won’t be possible…Today we also present you something that originally was meant to be impossible,” said Bilík, whopersonally thanked everybody.

UPoint is not only a shop and relaxation centre, but mainly an information centre.

For potential students, graduates, and friends of the University.

It is, indeed, a snapshot of the University, which enlivens the Upper square of Olomouc.