The Black Dog House

SAM_7705The Black Dog House, which houses UPoint, was originally built in Gothic style with a pointed-arch portal. It was later rebuilt in Renaissance and Baroque style. The Baroque facade dates back to 1750´s and the Renaissance portal is from 1597. Extensive stucco work depicting a seated dog with medaillon around its neck is presented on the facade. There is also a plaque below the house emblem dating back to 1907. The Renaissance portal, which was torn out during a renovation in 1907, was returned in 1989.

The house was owned by doctor Hanuš Kleinschmidt in 1585. Another important personage to have lived here was the barber Hanuš Eckhart. He lived here in the year 1596 with his son Hanuš, who was the town doctor. In 1685, the house’s ownership went to mayor Matouš Jiří Buchff, who named the house’s wine bar “The Golden Lamb”. The house was then owned by the Schmidt family, who turned it into a hardware store called “The Golden Dog”. In 1907 the house was renovated into the drugstore “The Black Dog”.