What is the UP-internal E-shop, and whom is it for?

Via the UP-internal E-shop, individual university workplaces can order promo items in conjunction with the Palacký University unified visual style. We offer items suitable for the internal use of workplaces, and for partners or for conference guests at reduced prices and payment via invoice.

I’d like to order for my workplace

To buy university promo items at reduced prices for your workplace needs (conferences, gifts for guests and others), use our UP-internal E-shop. We will prepare an invoice for payment.

I’m buying for myself

As a UP employee, you can take advantage of a 10% discount. The discount applies only to purchases in our brick and mortar shop upon presenting your UP ID card. For such goods you will receive a receipt (not an invoice).

How to buy in the UP-internal E-shop?

Step 1

Log in and selection of goods

After logging in to the UP-internal E-shop (your log-in name and password are the same as for the UP Portal), you will see the reduced price for all items in the UP-internal E-shop. You can click on items to go into your virtual shopping basket just like any regular internet purchase.

Step 2

Purchase order and confirmation

After selecting the goods and filling in the contact, invoicing, and other information, your purchase order will be sent to us, where it will be then awaiting our confirmation, which mostly depends on the whether the items are in stock. Please wait for the confirmation e-mail from us, in which we will agree on the details together.

Step 3

Delivery and invoicing

Handing over or delivery of goods is always agreed upon individually, in conjunction with the date and volume of the purchase order, on our and your conditions, and other circumstances. You will be given an invoice to your workplace upon handing over the goods, or we can send you the invoice via e-mail.

Please order goods well enough in advance, we might not necessarily have your required volume of items immediately on hand in stock.

Other questions

What price will I get when buying from the UP-internal E-shop?

Prices in the UP-internal E-shop are reduced, both compared to the regular sales price and compared to the 10% discount for employees. We continually update UP-internal E-shop prices in conjunction with the current purchase price at UPoint.

I want to prepay for a large amount of promo items. I’m not in a hurry to receive the goods, but I need the invoice now. Can you do that?

Invoicing goods is limited to the actual amount of items in stock. Thus we cannot invoice you for e.g. 500 notepaper pads, if we do not actually have them in stock – i.e. if they are not on order on the basis of an invoice from our supplier.

How much in advance should I order items?

The earlier, the better, depending on the number of pieces of the required item(s). If you’re only ordering a few gift bags for special guests, we can normally manage the purchase order quite flexibly. If, however, you are ordering dozens or hundreds of items, you should contact us as soon as possible in case there is a low number of said items in stock so that we can fill the order. For large events, goods should be ordered at least a month in advance or more. For example, we do not keep large amounts of perishable goods such as coffee or chocolate in stock; we order them based on customer demand to ensure freshness.

Can I go to the shop and take a look at what you have, and order goods on the spot, or take them with me?

The brick and mortar shop also serves as a showroom, where we will be glad to assist you in your choice and answer any questions you may have. However, the UPoint shop is primarily a retail shop and the stock capacity of the shop (just like the capacity of our personnel!) is not unlimited, and the goods there are intended above all for the requirements of a retail shop. Thus we recommend arranging your visit in advance; the best time would be in the late afternoon, when the service staff will have more time for you. If perusing the goods on-line is enough for you, you can easily place a purchase order with us here via these webpages. In both cases, it really helps if we can devote our efforts to wholesale orders when the retail shop has less traffic so that we can fully concentrate ourselves on your order.

How will you invoice me?

We normally invoice goods upon delivery and send a copy of the invoice via e-mail to the UP employee who ordered them. The invoiced amount is always calculated without VAT – these are goods being moved within one and the same taxable entity. The consignee of the goods (UP workplaces) should add tax to the goods if sold according to their category and VAT rate, usually 21%.

We’d like some of your goods but with the logo of our own workplace/conference… how do we go about it?

We’d love to help you with the visual side and the overall production of specific editions of items and clothing. Contact us in case you are thinking about your own promo items and you’re not sure whether you are correctly following the UP unified visual style. In case you’re interested in personalised promo items or a consultation, please send your requirements and ideas to the UPoint Manager via e-mail: anna.janska@upol.cz.

Do I get a bulk-discount on large orders?

We keep the UP-internal prices down to the smallest possible margin, so we cannot further discount them in the UP-internal E-shop.

Can you deliver my order to my workplace, or do I have to arrange pick up at UPoint?

Delivery of goods is always individual, according to the specific order. We will always try to accommodate you. Sometimes, however, we admit it is quicker if you pick them up yourself. 😉

Do you still have any questions? We’re here for you.
Contact us at upoint@upol.cz or via telephone at +420 733 690 738

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