Experiential pedagogy

Ivo Jirásek

The theoretical processing of a field focusing on personal and team development through direct experience situations is a completely new achievement in the Czech environment. In contrast to previously published practical and methodological guidelines, terminological and ideological aspects are elaborated here, including broader social contexts and contemporary civilizational transformations, to which this educational direction should respond adequately. Dramaturgically arranged experiences of movement, nature, or human encounters can represent a transformative experience transforming a complete horizon of meanings and understanding of an individual. The book thus also presents a philosophical model corresponding to the main question of the field on the border of pedagogy of leisure, andragogy and kinanthropology, namely how short-term experience can affect the whole of human life. The reader is encouraged to consider the theoretical dimension of programs and methods, which is often neglected in the previous literature. The book is an essential basis for further reflection on the development of the field in the context of its historical development and present form, it is a unique source of reflection for students and experienced practitioners from the ranks of educators, leisure leaders, instructors and course teachers for children and adults. Prof. PhDr. Ivo Jirásek, Ph.D., is the guarantor of the study field of recituology at the Faculty of Physical Culture of Palacky University in Olomouc. He deals professionally with the issues of education in nature in the discourse of experiential pedagogy, topics of philosophical kinanthropology (philosophy of sport) and the phenomenon of spirituality and spiritual health. He founded and as editor-in-chief until 2016 led gymnasion magazine, long-term cooperation with lipnice holiday school.

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