Winner and loser — Prozaik Ladislav Fuks

Erik Gilk

The Olomouc literary historian Erik Gilk (1973) has been dealing with ladislav fuks’ author’s personality for some time. After a number of partial studies, he now presents a comprehensive monograph to the professional public dealing with Fuks’s complex and ambiguously evaluated prosaic work. Given the certain tabloid sensationalism surrounding the writer on theshe tries to abstract from the psychological or biographical reading of Fuks’s work. Therefore, passages about the novelist’s life peripheries are separated from the interpretive chapters and in the end the calendar of the author’s life and work is included. In his interpretive probes, Gilk focuses on the artistic value of Fuks’s own work, which, given the somewhat biased assessment of the author’s texts published during the normalizing twenty years, is not self-evident. It focuses on unique author’s poetics, explores the means of material construction, notes the ways of storytelling, ingenious motivating structures, does not neglect the play with the reader and the perfect evocation of the atmosphere of the story.
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