Science goes to the people

Doubravka Olšáková

Few people know that karel zeman’s now iconic film The Road to Prehistoric Times was part of the broad and communist party’s privileged education of the population to atheism. But it all fits together: the journey of four boys upstream of time mapped the various stages of Earth formation to the very beginning of life on Earth. At the end of their journey there was no Godh, but Darwin. Is it necessary to look for the roots of Czech atheism precisely in the successful campaign of the Communist regime for the atheist upbringing of the masses? Does our belief in safe atomic energy draw on the same sources of collective consciousness today? What about our desire to reshate nature? The Book of Science goes to the people! explains why the popularization of science became one of the cornerstones of the communist regime, as well as how the position of scientist and intelligence changed after 1948. It maps the totalitarian mechanisms of popularization of science and reveals its indoctrination potential, which communist power has exploited completely.

685 Kč