In panels and bubbles

Pavel Kořínek, Martin Foret, Michal Jareš

So far, the domestic interested in comic theory has been offered few opportunities in the Czech language to get acquainted with current questions as well as the persistent concepts of “thinking about comics”. Book In panels and bubbles. Chapters from comic book theory aim to discuss and offer various concepts and approaches to further use, through which comic texts (whether specific alone or in the most defined files) can be read, interpreted, examined and analysed in new ways. Attention is paid, for example, to the relationship of comics to various character-stratification systems in culture (comics such as medium, genre, art), but comic multicode (image in comics, text in comics) or the ways in which the comic tells (specific formal means, narace, seriality). Separate chapters are also devoted to the topics of production-presentation aspects (publication shape) and participants (author, production, reader) of the comic cultural field. The final chapter in the basic coordinates captures the history of the comic’s professional exploration from its timid beginnings to today’s worldwide boom of the so-called “comic book”. comics studies. The volume consisting of twelve chapters supplemented by minor excursions does not want to be a compilation “summation of the detected” nor does it desire to offer the original and complex theory of comics. In particular, it attempts to instruct the discussion and to describe the characteristics of the comic from a variety of possible perspectives.