University of Olomouc (1573 – 2013)

Jiri Fiala etc.

The book deals with Olomouc education before the jesuits arrived in the then capital of the Margraviate in Moravia in 1566. It also describes the history of the University of Olomouc from its inception in 1573 until its abolition in 1860. The action of a separate C.k. is documented. theological faculty, since 1919 cyrilomethodean faculty of gods in Olomouc and the fates of this faculty as part of Palacky University. The publication includes factographic overviews of the Basic Data of the University of Olomouc and rectors of the University and deans of the independent theological faculty in Olomouc. There is also a detailed list of sources and professional literature on the history of Olomouc higher education and a comprehensive English lyme of individual chapters.