Laughter from a dream

Martin Stöhr

Stöhr’s fourth collection — poems civil, unforced, and yet also enchanted, melancholic and ironically playful. Stest and laughter. The feelings we experience when Sunday ends leave the pilgrimage, in short, “it’s after the season”. Stöhr can easily and naturally sketch lhoták’s still life on a small area: “he cracks quietly in the herb of the boat of the evening / above the courts will explode peace and shadows / bell tower of factories / engine room of churches / footpath corral sewer and daisies”. With a slightly ironic nostalgia, he recalls his childhood, cautiously (so that perhaps the lyric does not sound too lyrical), but all the more believable and convincingly pays homage to his loved ones. It is as if there is a struggle between the erverly perceived on the one hand and the Wernisch-Nezvalov playfulness, to which a certain distance belongs, on the other. How much can one admit to simple fascination and feeling, how much readiness and when to look at it all from the outside, not believe, smile, drop your “findings”? The fight rarely turns out to be a tie; although the individual texts differ in their atmosphere and image, the result is a cohesive and impressive ensemble.

219 Kč

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