Five dead dogs

Five dead dogs
Michal Sýkora

Chief Commissioner Marie Výrová, nicknamed “The Great Owl”, together with her colleagues are investigating a night-time robbery in which a group of masked men stole three North American bears from the Olomouc zoo and simultaneously murdered the doorman. The investigation is initially unsuccessful; the basic question of what someone needs live bears for remains unanswered. Moreover, when one of his accomplices is taken from one of his accomplices, it is clear that detectives are dealing with a very dangerous adversary.

Kristýna Horová, a former colleague of Olomouc detectives, is investigating the discovery of five dead dogs, casually buried in the forest, as punishment transferred to the district department in Sternberg. The search will lead her, on the one hand, to the trail of fighting breeds organized by a local “influential businessman”, and on the other hand to believe that the two cases are related. The tension, the fun and the downsides of human nature, which is amplified by the small-town environment, and, of course, the unique Commissioner Marie Výrová, all contain this book.

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