The search for the invisible killer

Zuzana Řezníčková

The publication “The Search for the Invisible Killer. The form of czech radio detective” deals with the development of the genre of Czech radio detective with the accent of the period after 1989 and sound representation of works. The audio form involves organizing individual audio resources and creating a complex sound plan that is subject to a certain interpretation of the master text. The thesis follows changes in the treatment of sound means by word, sound, music and quiet in works created in the context of almost thirty years of development of the genre in Czech Radio on the area of analyses of eight selected productions. The method of analysis draws on structuralist and, above all, audionaratological theory. The thesis thus offers its own analytical model, which accentuates the use of audio resources in the organization of narratives as well as for characterization of characters, environment and atmosphere of the action of an audited shape.
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