Memoirs or autobiographies. Thirteen Years of Olomouc (1945 – 1961)

Julie Smith

In a book entitled Memory up, palacky university publishes a committee from the memoirs of classical philologist Associate Professor Julia Nováková (1909-1991). It was prepared and provided by Tomáš Motlíček with an expert study. Memoirs or Autobiography is a committee of memories that captures the author’s relationship with the University of Olomouc, which the editor identified under the subtitle Thirteen Olomouc Years (1948-1961). The author presents her Olomouc life stage by saying: ‘Olomouc – this is for me a complete crush of impressions and experiences, sorrows and joys, victories and defeats. It’s hard to find a thread in that ball to seize if I’m going to write about all this. But it was all worth it.’ The text, in addition to portraits of the author’s colleagues and students, depicts the joys and afflictions of the scientist and the suffocating atmosphere of the 1950s. In the 1980s and 1990 The book is an original testimony of Olomouc and its university.
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