Olomouc from heaven

Martina Grznárová, Milan Paprčka

In a charming landscape populated by stinging and judicious Hanáks you will find places renowned and inconspicuous. In the east it is surrounded by the Oder Hills and The Low Jeseník, from the north of the Mountain of Gross Jeseník and from the southwest by the slopes of the Zábřežská and Drahanské highlands with a distinctive peak of The Great Kosír, which is called “Hanácký Mont Blanc”.

Fly over this land and get to know it with a different, unconventional view— from heaven. You will see a well-known place of pilgrimage – the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary on St. Hill, next to the standing Olomouc Zoo with a 32-meter high lookout, Olomouc with the Archbishop’s Palace, streets, squares and picturesque nomes or the Holy Trinity Column. You will also fly over the town of Sternberk, which is dominated by a massive castle, above the royal town of Uničov, you will see the charming Litovel called Haná Venice. And you will find beauty directly fabulous – one of the most beautiful of our castles, Bouzov. And there is much more that Olomouc will offer you. The chateau in Náměšt na Haná, a landscape decorated with many chapels, crosses and god’s anaestheties, a landscape shaped by the Morava River in Litovelská Pomoraví, fertile fields, shady groves, but also high hills and a number of unique monuments.


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