Olomouc Moments 1989

Aleš Prstek, Štěpánka Bieleszová
The book Olomouc Moments 1989 is conceived as a chronicle or diary of events of one year. It focuses on events in Olomouc and the olomouc district at the time. In photographs by authors such as M. Valušková, V. Galgonek, J. Štreit, P. Zatloukal or L. Peřina, it includes important and watershed moments from public life, which contributed fundamentally to the fall of the political regime in the former Czechoslovakia. At the same time, photographs from private archives are presented, which capture everyday life in the so-called ‘real socialism’. The book tends, both in content and format, to a less ‘official’ concept of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 1930s. The anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. It focuses primarily on the younger generation, for whom many of the events of 1989 are a long-forgotten past, which, as the development of contemporary society shows, needs to be constantly reminded.
349 Kč