Moments from the life journey of a literary scientist and prosaic

Miroslav Garden

Miroslav Zahrádka, a leading Czech historian of Russian literature, literary and theatre critic and prosaic prof. PhDr. Miroslav Zahrádka, DrSc., who has been working almost all his scientific activities at the Faculty of Arts of Palacky University in Olomouc, called the book of memoirs Moments. As he writes in the introduction, he recalls only certain sections, longer or shorter, significant moments, sudden events or sharp changes in the situation of life, as well as prominent figures that influenced, enriched or complicated the life of him or his family. M. Garden, thanks to his literary work, controls all the finesse of a fictionist, he writes not only with deep knowledge of the times and people, but also at most readily, his narratives have a momentum, a punchline, a distinctive language and style.
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