Music in Olomouc 1945 – 2013

Jan Vičar and kol.

A synthetic file on the history of Olomouc music culture has never been created before. The presented first volume, covering the most recent period, is a partial result of long-term research into the history of music in Olomouc and Central Moravia in the period about 1800-2000. Most of the text was prepared by a team of authors involved in the research project ‘Moravia and the World: Art in the Open Cultural Space’. Among the authors of the publication, however, we also find students in the field of musicology. Great attention was paid not only to Olomouc music institutions such as the Moravian Theatre, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Olomouc Studio of Czech Radio and Palacky University, but also to popular, jazz, temple, military, contemporary and amateur ensemble activities. They, too, created the specificity of olomouc’s music culture as a unique location.
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