Literary walks through German Olomouc

Lukas Motyčka, Veronika Opletalová

The bilingual publication Literary Walks through Germany Olomouc/Literarische Wanderungen durch das deutsche Olmütz was created as a result of a project of the Centre for Research of German Moravian Literature at the Department of German Studies of the Faculty of Arts of Palacky University in Olomouc. It is a popular scientific publication with a distinctive image component, which isas an unconventional guide to the city. The individual chapters are built as virtual walks through places that inspired the imagination of Olomouc German-speaking artists. However, the whole book is one big walk: it introduces the reader to the city, introduces him to the activities of various cultural associations and gives him an insight into the lives of personalities whose work has left a vital mark in Olomouc through literary excerpts.

335 Kč