Camouflage. Chapters from the history of land and sea camouflage design
Tomas Chorý

The publication presents an insight into the fascinating world of military visual camouflage. The text is divided into two basic parts, which are aimed at the design of camouflage schemes in terms of the area of their use – On land and at sea. Within these chapters, the development of camouflage systems designed for uniform fabrics, coatings of vehicles, technology and ships in the period 1914-1918, 1919-1938, 1939-1945 and After 1945 is presented chronologically. Some camouflage schools and special forces are also mentioned. Possible paths for further development of visual camouflage systems based on new technologies, including multispectral or adaptive camouflage, are also indicated. The text includes a large number of image attachments.