Jesus’ Resurrection in the Gospels

Peter Mareček

This study offers an interpretation of the final chapters of the four canonical gospels (Mt. 27:62-28:20; Mk 16 Mk 16,1-8 [9-20] ; Lk 24.1-53; John 20,1-21,25), which contain the Easter narration. The book is divided into four parts that show the same arrangement. Each part is devoted to telling the story of Jesus’ resurrection in one canonical gospel. The introductory chapter of each section provides basic information about the gospel, i.e. introduces the circumstances of its origin and its main literary and theological characteristics. The following chapters in each section offer an exegesis of each periscope of Easter narratives in the gospels. Each periscope is first discussed in terms of textual criticism. Then the structural arrangement of the text is offered.
241 Kč