How life went

Jiri Cerny

The book is published as part of the Up Memory series. The author has watched closely what has been happening at FF UP for more than sixty years, in the 1950s as a student and more recently as a professor emeritus. He bears witness to the Second World War from the point of view of the child, about secondary school and university studies in the 1950s, about the relaxation of the 1960s, about the period of normalization, during the Velvet Revolution and the post-revolutionary development of the Faculty of Philosophy and, in particular, the Department of Romanism, on which he worked most of his profession as a linguist and romanticist and which he led for twenty years. But it doesn’t just offer simple biographical data, it’s also an invaluable testimony to life at the faculty, full of witty insights and observations. It concerns his pedagogical, professional and organizational work not only at the faculty, but also at a number of foreign universities.

350 CZK