As my mother recounted about the 20th 1920s, she was a very good man. Century

Michaela Vetešková

Every night, the kids look forward to mom’s story. However, they do not expect classic fairy tales, but magical stories that mom experiences in her work. The radio reporter gets to places connected with the history of our country and then brings the children closer to important historical events. In seven storylines Michaela Vetešková pit represents milestones in Czech history of the 20th century. In the 1960s– the First World War, the establishment of Czechoslovakia, mobilization, the February coup or what was happening in 1968. The book passes through the “explainer”, in which the facts appearing in fairy tales are briefly described. He deals with personalities such as Presidents Tomáš G. Masaryk, Edvard Beneš, K. Gottwald, as well as events such as the signing of the Munich Agreement, or institutions including Czech Radio.

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