The fall of cultural and wild plants

Ales Lebeda a.m.

The monograph is comprehensively focused on the issue of the fallen, i.e. fungi from the order of Erysiphales parasitizing on plants. It is intended not only for biologists, mycologists, phytopathologists and plant doctors, but also for practical farmers, gardeners, foresters, gardeners and everyone else who is interested in nature and knowledge regarding plants and their parasites. The general part of the book introduces the reader to the taxonomy and phytogenesis of the fallen, their geographical distribution, biology, ecology and epidemiology, infectious process and mechanisms of plant-pathogen interaction, including mechanisms of resistance. The special part is designed according to the main groups of agricultural and horticultural crops as hosts of the fallen. Each chapter has an pictorial attachment – symptoms of infestation, microscopic images of pathogens, as well as a number of pen drawings.
290 KČ
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