Collapse and regeneration: paths of civilizations and cultures

Miroslav Bárta a.d.

The publication presents the view of thirty-three authors – academics, humanities scientists, naturalists and economists – on the currently very vivid concept of “collapse”, both from the point of view of the present (touching, for example, the banking crisis) and historically. The undeniable benefit in all cases is the updated approach of authors to crisis moments in the history of great civilizations (ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, etc.) or empires (e.g. British Empire, etc.). Chapters from the history of the Czech lands (especially Hussiteism, the post-White Mountain social climate and, among others, a description of the disintegration of Czechoslovakia) but also a treatise on natural disasters (ancient earthquakes, recent floods) or a brief but original description of irreversible environmental changes in Mostecko. The publication is richly illustrated, equipped with maps and clear charts with updated data.

725 Kč

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