What the gorilla told

Margaret Pilate

A story about the journey of a young male gorilla Pong through captivity, which the hunters first sold to one of the Arab palaces. But he was lucky and from there he went to the zoo, where he had yet to learn to live with other gorillas.

“When I wrote my first book about gorillas Gorilla Dad according to the memories of their keeper Mark Ždánské, I was most interested in the story of the gorilla boy Pong. He reminded me of Mowgli, but inside out. Pong thought he was human for a long time, and then he found out he was a gorilla. And I wanted to find out how he felt about it and how close human and animal souls were. Pong the gorilla boy had to accept the fact that he was a gorilla. But what if he never really stopped being human?” says Markéta Pilátová about her book. Pong’s story is accompanied by illustrations by Daniel Michalík, as well as the narration in the book Gorilla Dad.

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