Czech proverbs

Vaclav Flajshas

This work is a re-edition of Václav Flajšhans’s rare dictionary Czech Proverb. Collection of proverbs, statements and adverbs of the Czech people in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia in two volumes (A-N, O-Ž) (1st edition – Prague 1911, 1913). The dictionary is one of the most complete and valuable lexicographic collections of Czech sayings. It contains a proverb from the beginning of the literature to the beginning of the 16th century. Century. contexts from ancient chronicles and other monuments, as well as their foreign-language equivalents. 2. the edition is supplemented by an extensive forew talk about V. Flajšhans and his lexicographic methods and contemporary comments by editors on selected proverbs. This collection is a unique guide for researchers in the field of Czech and European linguistics and lexicography, for translators and students and for all lovers of the Czech language.
937 KČ (2 volumes)
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