Hraniceko – Microregion Development Atlas

Vít Voženílek and kol.

Cartographic product HRANICEKO – atlas of development of the microregion is a publication focused on the territory of the microregion Hraniceko. It is conceived as a thematic regional atlas in the form of an atlas encyclopedia, in which maps form an essential information element. It provides a lot of comprehensive spatial and descriptive information. Atlas is designed for a wide range of users – public officials, entrepreneurs, teachers and students as well as local residents. It is a cartographic and graphic presentation of rich spatial phenomenones in Hranicek and topics that affect the current and future development of the area. Atlas contains over 170 maps. It is supplemented by an English summary, an overview of the resources used (books, internet resources, zoning plans and maps) and registers (local and conceptual).

159 Kč