Alumni card

How can I check my application status?

Your Alumni Card application status or the expected date for picking up your card can be ascertained by contacting the Alumni Programme team via e-mail at UPoint is only the pick-up point – we do not process the applications nor issue the cards, so we cannot provide you with any of the above information. Generally, however, you can count on roughly a one-month turnaround time for processing your application.

My card was issued in or before 2018

If your card was issued in 2018 or earlier, due to capacity reasons it should be available for pickup at the porter’s lodge at the Armoury (Zbrojnice, Biskupské náměstí 1, Olomouc). To pick up your card, contact the employees at the Alumni programme in advance.

When can I pick up my card?

Picking up your Alumni Card at UPoint is possible only in person, and after receiving an e-mail or telephone call notifying you that your Alumni Card is ready. If you have not received such an e-mail (or telephone call), your card is not yet ready to be picked up.

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